Healthy Dog Interaction

Boxer X, 4years. Mini Aussie bulldog 6months.

This is Sookie the Boxer cross demonstrating her skills as a behaviour development mentor. Together we assess and treat behaviour problems, and teach younger dogs whats appropriate and what isn’t, don’t we make a great team.

On display here is some excitable submissive appeasement from the small dog, a respectful attempt to initiate play. But the boxer isn’t interested. I even told her to increase her efforts to cease the behaviour of the small dog. Notice at one point she tries to pin the little one with her chest. Very interesting stuff.

Please note the behaviour in the small dog doesn’t really warrant being told off, and as you can see initially the boxer was fine with it, that being said if the older dog is getting annoyed it is well within its rights to tell the other off. Different individuals have different thresholds as to what they will and won’t accept. More often than not they sort it out very well on their own. Human interference mostly just causes issues.