If you are having problems at home with your dog, that’s where the retraining should be undertaken. Learning for dogs is situational; therefore conducting training in the middle of an oval has little or no impact on problems at home. That’s why we come to you! We are government certified professional trainers and applied behaviourists, we can help you overcome any issue.

So why should you choose the Victorian Dog Training Academy?

The VDTA has a reputation for leading the field of problem behaviour resolution; in fact often succeeding when other trainers fail. That’s why clubs and other professional trainers often refer problem dogs to the VDTA for rectification work and retraining. We have had great results with dogs that have been deemed “too hard” by others.


The main problem with in home training is the lack of exposure to other dogs. With the Victorian Dog Training Academy this isn’t the case. Your personal instructor will happily bring calm trained dogs with them in order to properly socialise and appropriately teach your dog to ignore the presence of distractions during your private training.

When you want results the Victorian Dog Training Academy is the only place to call.

  • Personalised coaching using scientifically proven methods
  • Flexible Lesson Times (to suit your lifestyle)
  • No Contracts
  • Affordable
  • All Breeds Accepted
  • Lessons Tailored To Your Specific Needs
  • Specialised Training For “Rescued” Dogs
  • In home training