It’s getting to the stage where I can’t physically see everyone who makes an enquiry. Sometimes I can’t even respond. While I’m thankful to be in this position I am also guilty that people need help and I am not providing it. If you don’t get a response to email I urge you to call and be sure to include your suburb. Please be as specific as you can about what you need help with and be prepared to accept its you that’s needs the help, not so much your dog, by and large the dogs out there with “problems” are mostly normal who have humans who don’t know what they are doing.

For those of you that need help fast and can’t get on to me here is a list of great dog trainers who are capable of providing real help. All these organisations can provide you with private in home training. David was an animal handler and trainer at Melbourne Zoo for 17 years. Spending most of his years with the elephants. He runs the best dog day-care in Melbourne and is another very like minded trainer. We are constantly bouncing ideas of each other. Footscray and surrounds. Brad has been a big part of my education and a constant source of support. Always there for a chat on the phone when I had a question, which is hard to find. His knowledge and passion is difficult to surpass; I’ve never met anyone who knows so much while still remaining so humble. Brad chases knowledge like he is only in his 2nd year of training but he’s been at it for more than 15. Boronia, but will travel. When you go through your National Dog Trainers Federation Certification course, you are expected to complete 100 hrs practical experience at a dog training centre in Melbourne. The K9 company was my home centre, Brent and Cat are fantastic trainers and great at developing people to get the best out of themselves. Eltham and surrounds. I worked with Rob way back when I was a dog walker in Black rock, he connects with dogs very quickly and is able to get very timid dogs to trust him in a remarkable amount of time. He is full of compassion and has over 10yrs experience. Dingley and surrounds. Alex I also met at a seminar and he has also travelled to the USA for professional development, he is on the pulse of all things canine behaviour and is the most prominant player bringing socialisation classes for fearful, reactive or aggressive dogs to Australia. Kilmore, but will travel. I’ve known Scott since I was starting out. He used to come along to the Victorian Dog Training Academy group classes when they were run by Glenn in the old days with a very difficult aggression case. He did everything he could to help Spook and I guess that planted a seed and the desire for a canine education. Scott has now finished his NDTF course and has the coolest business name I’ve ever heard. Reservoir Dogs. Reservoir and surrounds Michelle has passed Bart Bellons silver and gold Nepopo programs. Bart Bellon is from Belgium and is widely regarded and the greatest dog trainer in the world, these programs are intensive and participants receive personal instruction from the man himself. Michelle is without a doubt on the cutting edge of dog behaviour and training and a great person as well. Croydon and surrounds. Julie really knows her stuff, learning  from the grandfather of Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) in this country Danny Jagodic. She can deal with any breed and temperament and like all the other good trainers in this country attends seminars and continues professional development. Operating out of Geelong.