In Home Training for Greater Melbourne.

Victorian dog training academy has been one of Melbourne’s busiest and most successful private in-home dog training services for the last 8 years operating as an in-home service for 10 years total. We spent this time helping dogs and their owners get over all kinds of behaviour problems, ranging from mild to very serious.

Daniel noticed the need for a place where people can send their dogs when they go away that doesn’t negatively impact their behaviour. A place that doesn’t make their dog issues worse. A place that doesn’t stress them out. A place that doesn’t exacerbate nuisance behaviours. Somewhere pets can stay and return home improved and happy

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We Make Bad Dogs Good & Good Dogs Great!

At the Victorian Dog Training Academy we are experienced with resolving behaviour problems ranging from annoying to seriously life threatening. If you are thinking it is too late, the problem is too far gone or too severe to be fixed then I would urge you to call us. You will be very surprised with the results we can achieve.

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Puppy Training

In the dog training world there is nothing more important and more satisfying that giving a puppy the right foundations to reach it’s full potential, and with the amount of scientific research completed on puppy development we understand exactly what they need and the best ways to deliver it. Without the right skills and knowledge regarding puppy training, the resulting deficiencies are considerably noticeable in the adult dog.

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