Unfortunately Dog Aggression is not uncommon in pet dogs today and most of the time it leads to a life sentence of being locked up in the back yard, or stuck in the house. Which seems like the logical thing to do, after all it prevents the inevitable embarrassing situations, not to mention dog fights, vet bills, litigation and injury.

Being locked in the back yard or stuck in the house though often contributes to many other issues, such as general disobedience hyperactivity or territorial aggression (which could be directed at humans). Every dog owner knows that a dog that never gets out to accompany them on a walk or to enjoy an activity together is unhappy, unfulfilled or depressed. While being locked up prevents the worst from happening it does nothing to resolve the dog aggression and can end up contributing to many more behaviour problems.

Dog aggression is not a life sentence!

The majority of dog aggression issues can be solved with Training and Behaviour Modification.  The Victorian Dog Training Academy has vast experience with dog aggression and will not turn away any problem, too often we hear of other trainers turning away people with these types of issues and putting them in the too hard basket.

There is help available, you don’t have to live with this issue for the rest of your dogs life. It is possible to have a happy fulfilling relationship that you always imagined you would have with your pet.

Even if you have only noticed the beginning stages of aggression it is important to nip it in the bud early, as problem behaviours only intensify and never extinguish, unless action is taken.

How is it done?

Each case is different and requires a different approach, but put simply we get to the bottom of why the aggression is occurring then a program is devised. You will learn how to communicate with your dog in an effective way, learning to read your dog and other dog’s body language so that you can recognise the earliest signs of aggression and then take appropriate action to prevent it.

You will improve your dog handling skills and overall control of the dog, move through small achievable steps with the professional behaviour specialist, utilise their calm dogs to begin with, before graduating to more difficult real life scenarios. We will teach your dog that aggression is unacceptable, and then desensitise it to many different dogs, in time it will learn that other dogs are no threat and nothing to worry about.

Getting started

We will conduct an assessment in your home at an affordable cost of $365.00. We will bring a dog along to test the severity of the problem. We have a lengthy discussion gathering as much information as possible to determine the cause or causes of the aggression and you will be told…

If the dog can be rehabilitated
Approximate time frame for rehabilitation
How it will be achieved
How much it will cost

It can often be a slow road, but it is much better than a life sentence in the back yard. Going through this process with your dog will strengthen your bond, improve your handling skills and change your life. You and your pet deserve it.